Utilization of Electrical Energy (EE466)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (3-1-0)


Electric Traction: Requirements of an ideal traction system, systems of traction, Requirements of ideal traction motors, Comparison and Control of traction motors, Mechanics of train movement,  Tractive effort for acceleration ,train resistance, gradient, coefficient of adhesion, Speed time curves, Specific energy consumption. Electric Heating:  Advantages, classification of heating equipments, methods of heat transfer, Resistance heating, Design of heating element , Induction heating, Eddy current heating, Dielectric heating.

Electric Welding: Resistance welding, Arc welding.  Electrolytic processes:  Faraday’s laws of electrolysis, Calculation of current required and related definitions, Factors governing the character of deposits,  Preparation of work for electroplating,   Electro-extraction and refining of copper and  aluminium

llIumination : Laws of illumination, Lighting calculations, Polar curves, Rousseau’s construction. 


1. Partab , Art and Science of Utilization of Electrical Energy.
2. E. O. Taylor, Utilization of Electric Energy.
3. C. L Wadhwa , Generation ,Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy


Electrical and Electronics Engineering