Power Electronics (EE308)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (3-1-0)


Devices: Idealised Characteristics - BJT/IGBT/MOSFET/IPMs, Thyristor Based Devices : SCRs/TRIAC/GTOs , DIODE, Composite Devices -Multi Quadrant. Reactive Elements: Capacitors,Magnetic Circuits : Inductor, Transformer, Pulse Transformer.

Non-idealities : Data Sheets/ Manufacturers, Switching and Conduction Losses, Heat Dissipation: Heat Sink/ Loss calculation. Control circuit for the Switch, Drive Circuit,       Sensing Circuitry: Current and Voltage Sensors, Opto-couplers. Protection – Fuse.

Functional Classification of Converters: Review of Signals and Systems: Transient and Steady State Analysis. DC-DC Converters : Switched Mode Buck Converter -Idealised Analysis, Performance, Non-idealities, Control circuit, Snubbers, Performance-SS, Applications – Idealised Case, Performance : Steady State, Dynamic. Switched Mode Boost Converter: Idealised Analysis, Performance, Non-idealities, Performance-SS.

Inverters : H-Bridge, Idealised Operation-Single Phase, Three Phase.

Rectifiers : Single phase and three phase rectifiers.

AC Power Controllers: Phase Controlled, Integral Cycle Controlled.

Simulation of power electronic converters.


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