Electrical Safety, Operations, Regulations (EE320)


B.Tech (E&E)




Open Electives (OE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

03 (3-0-0)


Electrical safety: Safety of the Self. Safety of the equipments, Safety of the public. PPE. Guidelines, General guidelines on earthing and protection.

Operations: Sign boards, Tagging system and procedures. Safe operating procedures, Case studies and, Safety Audit basics.

Regulations: IS, IEEE standards, Indian Electricity rules and regulations


1. HSC- A Practical guide VOL. 1 to 4, National Safety Council, India.
2. IS 5216 (Part I)- 1982, “Recommendations on safety procedures and practices in electric work”.
3. SP 30 -1985 Special publication-National Electric Code, “Section-14: Electric Aspects of building services”.
4. IEEE Standard 902.
5. Indian Electricity Rules; IE Rules1956.
6. Quality Control Order 2003: GO India Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
7. IS 8437: Guide on current through human body
8. Related technical papers of present interest.
9. Blake R P, Industrial Safety, Prenctice, Englewood Cliffs ,1963


Electrical and Electronics Engineering