Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments (EE224)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

06 (3-1-3)


Review of units, standards, dimensional analysis. Measurement basics, Significant figures, Errors, calibration. Measuring instruments. Analog (panel meters; moving iron, dynamometer and others) electronic, and digital. Concept of True RMS, DVM, multimeter DMM. Resolution Sensitivity. Oscilloscope : DSO, Specifications, Applications, Usage. Measurement of Voltage, Current, Power, Power factor, Frequency and Energy; Power analyzer. Extension of meter ranges; Shunts & Multipliers; CTs and PTs. Measurement of Low, High resistances and applications. Earth resistance measurement. Bridges with reference to measuring dissipation factor. Cable fault location basics. Measurement of Dielectric strengths. Transducers: Classification, Strain gauge, RTD, Pressure Transducers, Inductive LVDT, Capacitive, Thermocouple, Piezoelectric. Photoelectric, Hall effect. Laboratory exercises and assignments to supplement Course Contents.


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5. Related Indian and other standards


Electrical and Electronics Engineering