Electrical Machines II (EE258)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

06 (3-1-3)


DC Machines :  Construction, Classification, emf and torque equation, Characteristics of DC Motors, Speed Control, Speed Control, Brushless DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servomotor.

Synchronous Machines: Construction, prime-mover and excitation control systems. Steady state characteristics, handling of harmonics, voltage regulation calculations for salient and non salient pole machines,  parallel operation, load sharing and associated capacity curves, Synchronous motors and condensors, Permanent magnet synchronous motors, Switched reluctance motors.

Dynamic characteristics:  Park  transformation, the standard parameters of synchronous machines and simplified generator models,  electromechanical oscillations, and large disturbance studies with respect to SMIB system, Introduction to  equal-area criteria and numerical solutions.

Introduction to design of synchronous machines.

Laboratory exercises and assignments to supplement Course Contents.


1. M.G. Say, Performance and Design of Alternating Current Machines, CBS, 1983.
2. Fitzgerald, Kingsley, Umans, Electric Machinery, 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1992
3. Arthur R. Bergen, and Vijay Vittal, Power System Analysis, 1st Edition, Pearson Education Asia, 2001.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering