Electrical Machines I (EE213)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

06 (3-1-3)


Review of power network structures,  principle of energy conversion.

Transformers : Principle, Construction (Single Phase, Three Phase), Development of equivalent circuit through coupled circuit approach, Phasor diagram, Regulation, Efficiency, Autotransformers, Vector groups and Parallel operation of Three Phase Transformers, Tap changers, Phase conversion, Energisation of Transformer and Harmonics.

Induction Machines : Principle, Construction, Classification, Equivalent Circuit, Phasor diagram, Characteristics, Starting techniques, Speed control, Operation under Unbalanced Supply conditions and Harmonics, Effect of single phasing, Induction Generator operation., Linear Induction Motor

Single Phase Induction Motor : Types, Speed Control

Testing and Diagnostic measures for machines, Introduction to design of machines.

Laboratory exercises and assignments to supplement Course Contents.


1. M.G. Say, Performance and design of A.C. Machines, CBS, 1983
2. Albert E. Clayton and Hancock, Performance and Design of Direct Current Machines
3. Charles V Jhons, Unified theory of Electrical Machines, Butterworth, 1967


Electrical and Electronics Engineering