Electric Power Stations (EE373)


B.Tech (E&E)




Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (3-1-0)


Choice of site for power plants (hydro, thermal, nuclear power). Thermal power plant: general layout, Air and flue-gas circuit, Fuel and ash handling circuit, Cooling water circuit, Steam and feed water circuit.  Essential components associated with this circuit. Nuclear power plant: General layout of nuclear reactor, materials their requirements of heat exchange, moderators, coolants, control rods. Classification of reactors, Fuels,  Radioactive waste handling system. Hydro power plant: Site selection for hydro power plants: reservoir capacity from mass curve and hydrographs. Power availability. General layout, Type of hydropower plants, Characteristics of turbines, Specific speed, Speed governors. Gas turbines; Unconventional power generation. Electrical equipment in generating stations: General layout, Excitation systems and voltage regulation.  Substation layout, Components of substation. Bus-bar arrangements, Current-limiting reactors and  their location. Reactance of current limiting reactors. Station activities of operators, Maintenance engineer, Safety and coordination. Load forecasting and sharing: Load curve and load duration curves, Load factor, Diversity factor, Plant factor and plant use factor, Demand factor, Selection of generating units. Load sharing between base and peak load stations.  Operational schedule.


1. M. V. Deshpande, Electrical Power Stations.
2. Tata Electric Co., Operator Training Manual.
3. Other Handbooks and O&M Manuals of relevance.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering