Application of Digital Signal Processing Technique to Power Systems (PS856)


M.Tech (P&ES)




Elective Courses (Ele)

Credits (L-T-P): 

03 (3-0-0)


Time frequency analysis, Time frequency distribution, Short time Fourier Transform.  Multirate Signal Processing: Decimation, Interpolation, DFT filter banks, QMF filter banks.  Multiresolution Signal analysis. Wavelet theory of sub-band decompositions, Sub-band coding and wavelet transforms, application of wavelet transforms. Homomorphic Signal Processing : Homomorphic system for convolution, properties of complex spectrum, Applications of homomorphic deconvolution. Multi Dimensional Signal Processing : Review of convolution and correlation. 2-D signals and systems. Linear estimation of Signals and applications : Random Signals , Linear prediction and applications (deconvolution, least square filters). Recursive estimation and Kalman filters. Adaptive signal processing: Adaptive filters and applications.


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