Vignesh Kumar V


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Professional Experience: 

7 years 6 months 

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Academic Background

• Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NIT Tiruchirappalli, India, 2017.

• M.E. in Power Systems Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Anna University, 2011.

• B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Anna University, 2009

Areas of Interest

• Power Electronics Applications in Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Electric Vehicles.

• Optimization Techniques.

Significant Projects
  1. Design & Development of High-Power Multi-output GaN based DC-DC converter with 70V input and Digital Control Loop, sponsored by ISRO under RESPOND scheme. Total Budget – Rs. 25.88 Lakhs. Role: PI
  2. Solar PV based electric vehicle charger with V2G and G2V capability for net-zero emission e-mobility, sponsored by VGST, Govt. of Karnataka under CISEE scheme. Total Budget- Rs. 30 Lakhs. Role: Co-PI
  3. Design and Development of Highly Efficient and High Voltage Gain DC-DC converter for Grid Connected PV System, sponsored by Ind Arka Energy Pvt Ltd., Bangalore (company). Total Budget - Rs. 8.07 lakhs. Role: PI.
  4. Smart Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment with Improved Reconfigurability, Economic, Availability and Performance (REAP), sponsored by SERB under CRG scheme. Total Budget - Rs.59.95 lakhs. Role: Co-PI.
Supervision of Ph.D
  • Completed-  01

1. Raghavendra Rao P , "Investigation of Control Algorithms for PV System Under Partial Shading Conditions and their Effect on the efficiency of DC-DC Converter " ( registered on Dec 2019 ) - CoGuided

  • On-going - 01   

Significant Publications
Indian patent filed on “A method and system for global peak detection under non-uniform insolation conditions”. Application number 202141016770 dated 9/4/2021. Status: FER responded.
  1. Raghavendra Rao P, V. Vignesh Kumar, B. Venkatesaperumal and K. Prabhakaran, " A Novel Algorithm based on Voltage and Current Perturbation to track Global peak under Partial Shading Conditions," in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversionvol. 37, no. 4, pp. 2461-2471, Dec. 2022. (SCI ISSN 1558-0059).
  2.  Raghavendra Rao P, Vignesh Kumar V, Venkatesaperumal. Balasubramanian and V. V. Ramana, "Modified Current Control for Tracking Global Peak under fast changing Partial Shading Conditions," in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 1211-1222, June 2022. (SCI ISSN 1558-0059)
  3. K. Sundareswaran, V. Vigneshkumar, P. Sankar, Sishaj P Simon, P. Srinivasa Rao Nayak and S. Palani, “Development of an Improved P&O Algorithm Assisted Through a Colony of Foraging Ants for MPPT in PV System,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 12, no. 1, pp.187-200, Feb. 2016. (SCI ISSN: 1941-0050)
  4. K. Sundareswaran, V. Vigneshkumar and S. Palani, “Development of a hybrid genetic algorithm/perturb and observe algorithm for maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic systems under non-uniform insolation,” IET Renewable power Generation, vol. 9, no. 7, pp. 757-765, Aug. 2015. (SCI ISSN: 1752-1424)
  5.  K. Sundareswaran, V. Vigneshkumar and S. Palani, “Application of a combined particle swarm optimization and perturb and observe method for MPPT in PV systems under partial shading 39conditions,” Renewable Energy, vol. 75, pp. 308-317, Mar. 2015. (SCI ISSN: 0960-1481)
  1. Sushant Gupta and V. Vignesh kumar, “Performance analysis and loss estimation of AC-DC PFC topologies of an EV charger,” International Conference on Power, Instrumentation, Energy, and Control (PIECON-2023), 10-12 Feb. 2023, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  2. V. Vignesh Kumar, P. Rao, Amulya, B. Venkatesaperumal, “A Study on High-Frequency Transformer Design with Different Core Configurations for Flyback Converter Topology,” IEEE Third International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Computing, Communications and Sustainable Technologies (ICAECT 2023), 5-6 Jan,2023, Bhilai, Chattisgarh.
  3. P. Garg, V. Vignesh Kumar and S. Kumar, "Performance Analysis of Multiphase Interleaved boost converter topologies for FCEV applications," IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy (ICPEE), Bhubaneswar, India, 3-5 Jan, 2023, pp. 1-5.
  4. Raghavendra Rao P, Vignesh kumar V, Venkatesaperumal B, “Loss Analysis of Conventional and Three Level Boost DC-DC Converters Employed for MPPT in PV Systems,” IEEE DELCON, Feb 11-13, 2022, NewDelhi.
  5.  K. Sundareswaran and V. Vigneshkumar, “Gravitational search algorithm combined with P&O method for MPPT in PV systems,” thirteenth IEEE international India Conference (INDICON 2016), 16-18 December 2016, IISc Bangalore, India.
  6. K. Sundareswaran and V. Vigneshkumar, “Cascaded Simulated Annealing/Perturb and Observe method for MPPT in PV systems,” IEEE international conference on Power Electronics Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES 2016), 14-17 December 2016, Trivandram , India.
  7. Sundareswaran K, Kiran Kuruvinashetti, Gangadhar I, P sankar, P.S. nayak, V. Vigneshkumar, “Output Voltage Control and Power Management of a Dual Input Buck-Boost Converter Employing P&O Algorithm,” Third International Conference on Advances in Controls and Optimization in Dynamic Systems(ACODS)(IFAC), March 13-15, 2014 at IIT Kanpur.
  8.  Sundareswaran K, Kiran Kuruvinashetti,Gangadhar I, P sankar, P.S. nayak, V. Vigneshkumar, “Optimization of Dual input Buck Converter Control through Genetic Algorithm” Third International Conference on Advances in Controls and Optimization in Dynamic Systems(ACODS)(IFAC), March 13-15, 2014 at IIT Kanpur.
  9.  V.Vigneshkumar and C.K. Babulal, “Fuzzy Logic Based Power Quality Index for Nonsinusoidal Situation,” International Conference on Power, Control and Embedded Systems, December 8-10, 2010 at College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai.
Books published
  1.   V. Vignesh Kumar and C.K. Aravind, “Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Systems Under Partially Shaded Conditions”, Intelligent Paradigms for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems, Ch. No. 9, Springer Nature Singapore Pvt Ltd, 52 Beach Road, #21-01/04 Gateway East, Singapore 189721, First edition, 2021. ISBN 978-981-15-9968-2
  2.  V. Vignesh Kumar and C.K. Babulal, “Application of Fuzzy Logic in Power Quality Assessment of Modern Power Systems”, Ch. No. 14, Microgrid Technologies, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA & Scrivener Publishing, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 541J, Beverly, MA 01915-6106, first edition, 2020. ISBN 9781119710790