Control Systems (PS751)


M.Tech (P&ES)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (4-0-0)


Linear Systems, Dynamics, modeling of linear systems, state-space theory, state, state variables. Discrete systems, extension of state-space theory to discrete systems, stability theory.  Review of control system analysis using state variable methods. Digital control – concepts of signal processing. Discrete time signals. Z-domain description  of sampled continuous time plane. Implementation of simple digital controllers.  Z-plane specifications of control system design. Digital compensator design using root locus plots and frequency response plots.  State variable analysis of digital control systems – state description, solution of state difference equations, controllability and observability.


1. W Brogan, Modern Control Systems, Prentice-Hall, NY 1991.
2. Thomas Kailath, Linear Systems, IEEE Press.
3. G Gopal, Digital Control and State Variables


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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